More than real
in Vitual Reality

Samsung AMOLED creates a superior virtual reality experience. Crisp, natural images with vivid colors and deeper black expression enhance your visual enjoyment. It also reduces harmful blue light, protecting the health of your eyes.

Fast Screen Transition
Eliminates Dizziness

Samsung AMOLED eliminates image blur by providing exceptionally fast image transition speed. Slow image transition speed creates blurry images that cause dizziness for VR users. AMOLED technology reduces this inconvenience, creating a remarkable VR experience.

Response Time

True Black that
Expresses Unlimited

LCD technology’s reliance on backlight to create images makes it difficult to express true black. Self-luminous AMOLED can create a rich black color by turning off pixels in the dark areas. In fact, AMOLED displays exceed the digital cinema standard DCI-P3 for black color integrity. True black expression of AMOLED adds depth and richness to your VR experience.

Black Brightness

Digital Cinema Standard Black 0.024nit

Reduction of Harmful
Blue Light to Keep Your Eyes Comfortable

AMOLED technology utilizes a different wavelength from LCD, reducing the harmful blue light by 50%. This is especially significant in VR applications because users’ eyes are typically closer to the screen when watching VR.