Samsung AMOLED that shows
“the Beauty”
of Smartphone

The best smartphone is defined by its superior design and performance as well as its display image quality. Samsung's AMOLED technology leads smartphone innovation with excellent color expression, slim design, and ultra-low power consumption.

Colorful Image

AMOLED technology delivers deeper and more vibrant images than LCD. Color volume, an indicator of the richness of color representation, is 1.6 times better in AMOLED compared to LCD.

Color Volume

World’s Thinnest

Samsung AMOLED has a simple structure that creates a thin and lightweight display. The world's thinnest smartphone recorded in the Guinness Book uses Samsung AMOLED.

Ultra-Low Power

The self-emitting AMOLED illuminates pixels individually to display images. This drastically reduces power consumption, allowing users to use their smartphone for a longer period of time on a single charge. Samsung’s AMOLED display has been certified as an eco-friendly product by the US certification agency UL.