Superior Movie Quality

Wide Color Gamut
and Excellent Contrast

Thanks to increased LTE availability, more and more people are watching movies on their mobile phones. AMOLED displays offer deep, vibrant images that simply cannot be replicated on LCD.

Cinema Experience on

The DCI-P3 is the standard color gamut for digital movies at movie theaters. AMOLED technology’s wide color gamut and High Dynamic Range meet this standard, providing users with an exceptional movie viewing experience on their mobile device.

DCI-P3 Coverage

High Dynamic Range

AMOLED is capable of displaying a wide range of light expressions, from midnight black to the dazzling sunlight. It achieves the HDR standard at 145% by creating a truer tone of black that is 1,000 times darker than the black shown in LCD. A wide HDR coverage adds depth and richness to images, creating a superior user experience.